You like to provide evidence. Provide the communications where the MOF clearly explains your crown land tenure agreement violations.

You claim your fight with the courts and bc and federal governments had retaliatory actions cancelling your crown land tenure. Prove it.

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The crown has an obligation to be in compliance with the Constitution. That has to be proven first. I have made an allegation of failures to comply with the Charter. They have refused to justify themselves as required in a free and democratic state s1. because there is no justification possible for lawyers committing fraud and not being disciplined and judges ignoring all the evidence that I can provide. Until these problems are resolved the underlying conditions are irrelevant as is the court system for all Canadians. The BC AG and present Premier of BC has been fully informed of the problems including a registered letter which he has refused to respond to. The Charter is a guarantee. I dont have to prove anything until that guarantee is resolved, as you know. It's impossible for me to prove anything in a court which claims discretion to ignore everything including the transcript, and continue to do so. No Canadian accepts that as acceptable conduct for a judge, or a lawyer.

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