This post demonstrates the timing of my legal action with the invocation of the Emergencies Act.


A Constitutional Crisis in Canada that no-one is talking about, as it involves a documented failure of the legal system to protect the public and comply with the Constitution.


My submission to the Parliamentary Committee on Justice and Human Rights


There is a lot more evidence out there at www.fundamentaljustice.com or following my substack.

The public deserves transparency and accountability in our legal system.

They cannot justify themselves in a free and democratic state. So they have not.

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On Feb 14, 2022 Justice Lyster of the Nelson Supreme Court, appointed by Lametti, was supposed to provide a ruling on my request for a writ of mandamus on the minister of justice, an order for a minister to comply his duty - which in the case of the MOJ is to protect the public and ensure that the administration of justice was in compliance with the law. On Dec 4, 2021 I had presented a failure in the rule of law throughout the Canadian legal system, a failure of everyone involved to protect the public.

On Feb 14, 2022 The Minister of Justice invoked the Emergencies Act, which was subsequently found by Justice Mosely in the FC to have been invoked without justification, unconstitutionally, thus illegally.

Of course I feel that my rights are not being respected.

Of course I feel that improper motives are at play.

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So what is the reason they seized the lodge? You do not include the reasons? Your tenure expired and was not renewed. Correct? Ministry told me buildings and business violated tenure agreement. Are you still operating?

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